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With the latest technology and expertise in diagnostic imaging, our world-class facility produces high-quality images and performs image-guided procedures that aid the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Imaging tests can be performed at a time that suits you. A Consultant Radiologist will interpret your images and complete a report within 48 hours. This report is sent back to the referring clinician for you to both discuss at a follow-up appointment.

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Diagnostic imaging services:

CT scan

A CT scan is performed using a special x-ray machine which produces a cross-sectional image (or slice) of the body.
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Mammography is a form of imaging that uses x-rays to see through breast tissue to detect and diagnose changes within the breast.
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MRI scan

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) creates high-resolution images of the body using a powerful magnet and radio frequency waves.
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Ultrasound scan

Ultrasound scans are best known as a method for scanning during pregnancy but they can also be used to diagnose certain conditions or to guide interventional procedures.
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Digital x-rays provide a quick diagnosis for a variety of conditions.
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