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Urgent or Life Threatening Conditions

Please note that for any urgent or life-threatening conditions, we always recommend that you should call 999 or go to your nearest emergency department immediately. We are usually able to provide face to face or remote appointments with our GP’s within 24 hours. Please contact 01442 331 900 to book an appointment.

About our Rapid Access Prostate Clinic

Early detection improves the chances of successful treatment.

Whether you are displaying symptoms, such as elevated prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels, or simply have concerns due to age or family history, it is important to have yourself assessed as soon as possible.

Here at OSD Healthcare, we understand how vital it is to have rapid access to a highly experienced and compassionate team of clinicians, with minimal time spent waiting for results. Our Rapid Access Prostate Clinic gives you fast, direct access to a consultant and diagnostic tests and scans so you can get the answers you need as soon as possible.

Our Rapid Access Prostate Clinic comprises of a comprehensive prostate assessment with a General Practitioner, diagnostic MRI investigation and a consultation with a Consultant Urologist to discuss results and a personalised treatment plan.

Depending on your results, further investigations may be required and these will be billed at an additional cost.

Rapid Access Prostate Clinic

Rapid Access Prostate Clinic

A comprehensive prostate assessment with diagnostic investigation, specialist consultation and personalised treatment plan (where necessary).

GP consultation & examination: £275

MRI Scan (if required): From £580

The Rapid Access Prostate Clinic ensures you get the answers you need, through fast, direct access to a comprehensive prostate examination, diagnostics tests and scans, and personalised treatment plan, where necessary.

Led by an OSD Healthcare General Practitioner,  your prostate assessment will include a combination of verbal discussions and physical examinations and tests. Following these, you may be referred for an MRI scan, typically within 24 hours, for further investigation.

Consultant Urologist, Mr Farooq Khan, will then be able to discuss your results and associated diagnosis and personalised treatment plan (if applicable) at the next available appointment.

Depending on your results, further investigations may be required.  Please note, any further tests and investigations will be billed at an additional cost.

Rapid Access Prostate Clinic includes:

  • Multi-disciplinary team including General Practitioner and Consultant Urologist
  • Comprehensive verbal and physical assessment
  • A diagnostic MRI investigation in a QSI accredited Diagnostic Imaging Department (where necessary)
  • Rapid access to results
  • Personalised treatment plan (where necessary)

For more information, call 01442 331 900 or

get in touch by filling in one of our quick and easy forms.

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