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We offer a diagnostic and treatment service for male and female breast tissue.

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The OSD Healthcare breast service offers comprehensive breast assessment with a multi-disciplinary team.  It is important to note that the vast majority of people who are seen in the breast clinic will not have breast cancer.   


When you arrive one of the nursing staff will greet you and will accompany you to meet the Consultant.  They will discuss your medical history, examine you and will then agree a treatment plan with you.  This may involve further tests such as mammography, ultrasound, fine needle aspiration or MRI scan.  Your Consultant will explain the purpose of the test and which are most suitable for you.  Because you may need to see many clinicians at your appointment, we suggest that you plan to be with us for at least one hourIt is natural to feel worried or anxious when attending a breast clinic and our role is to alleviate your anxiety and explain the relevant tests and options to you. We will support you throughout your time with us. 

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