Mr Alastair Windsor
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Mr Alastair Windsor
OSD Healthcare Medical Director and Consultant Colorectal & General Surgeon
MBBS, FRCS(Lond, Edin, Glas), MD
NHS Trust:
Specialises in:
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Inflammatory disease
  • Benign colorectal (diverticular dis, IBS, prolapse, incontinence)
  • Proctology (fissure, haemorrhoids, fistula)
  • Abdominal wall reconstruction / Incisional Hernia

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Professional profile

Mr Windsor is a Consultant Colorectal Surgeon who has recently retired from the NHS having been on the consultant staff at St James University Hospital, Leeds (1997 – 1999), St Mark’s Hospital, London (1999 – 2006) and University College Hospital London. (2006 – 2019)

He is fortunate to still maintain an expertise and a very busy specialist referral practice in colorectal surgery. He has a busy colorectal cancer practice offering a comprehensive care package for his patients. This includes outstanding diagnostics, multidisciplinary team decision making and dedicated and specialist oncological support.

His clinical focus in the NHS was to a large extent in the management of complex inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and its surgical complications. He was formally surgical lead for the national intestinal failure unit at St Mark’s Hospital and surgical lead for the intestinal failure (IF) unit at UCLH as well as being involved in the establishment of national and international IBD guidelines.

Part of the work in the IF Unit was also the management of complex and recurrent incisional hernias and abdominal wall defects. Through this work he has developed a national and international reputation in abdominal wall reconstruction. He is a board member of the British Hernia Society and and co-chairs the highly successful Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Europe Conference, now in its 6th year.

Mr Windsor has recently been appointed as the Medical Director at OSD Healthcare.

Additional information

Mr Windsor clinical interests include colorectal cancer and the more familiar management of proctological pathology such as haemorrhoids, fissure, fistula in ano, prolapse, incontinence etc.


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