Mr Prashant Govilkar
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Mr Prashant Govilkar
Consultant Plastic Surgeon
FRCS (Eng.), MBBS, M.Ch
NHS Trust: Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust
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Specialises in:
  • Body contouring (tummy tuck/thigh lift/arm lift)
  • Breast reconstruction
  • Cosmetic breast surgery
  • Hand surgery

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Professional profile

Mr Govilkar trained as a plastic surgeon in the U.K and India. He is a Specialist Breast Reconstruction, Microsurgical and Cosmetic surgeon with training in the USA and Italy. He works as a Consultant Plastic surgeon at Stoke Mandeville Hospital (NHS) and also Shelburne Hospital, Chiltern Hospital and Sloane Hospital.


Additional information

Cosmetic breast surgery/ Microsurgical Breast reconstruction/Tummy tuck/Arm lift/Thigh lift/Hand surgery/Facial cosmetic surgery



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