Dr Helen Mitakidis
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Dr Helen Mitakidis
General Practitioner
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Professional profile

Helen Mitakidis qualified as a GP in 2007, obtaining her MRCGP with distinction. She is a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners. Helen has a diploma in family medicine, primary emergency care and a diploma in tropical medicine which she received with distinction. She has extensive experience and skills in primary care, urgent care and emergency medicine and worked as a locum A&E consultant and as a GP in the NHS for a number of years.

She holds a diploma in child health and a BSc honours degree in Reproductive health and obstetrics (with distinction) and has special interest in women’s health and paediatrics. She established five centres in central London as the lead physician for the largest private healthcare group in the UK.

She has lectured on various courses (viz Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Paediatric Advanced life support) and is a clinical appraiser.

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