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Mr Jonathan Larholt

Consultant Podiatric Surgeon
Specialises in:
  • Big Toe Joint
  • Bunions
  • Hallux Limitus
  • Sesamoid Pain / Pain under the big toe joint
  • Toe / Digital Deformities
  • Metarsalgia: Forefoot Pain

Professional profile

I began my surgical training at West Middlesex University Teaching Hospital in 2001 where I passed my Podiatric Surgical exams and obtained my Fellowship of the Faculty of Podiatric Surgery and in 2006 was awarded the Osteotec Scholarship award.

In 2007 I commenced my Registrar Training at Ilkeston Community Hospital and in 2008 I moved to Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital (Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust) where I completed my registrar training and obtained my Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training (CCST).

Throughout my registrar training, I was mentored by both Podiatric and Orthopaedic surgeons, this provided me with invaluable knowledge and the skills to manage a range of foot pathology.

Currently, I hold a consultancy position at Central London Community Health Care NHS Trust based at Charing Cross Hospital. I am a clinical tutor and involved in both audit and research.

I specialise in the non and surgical management of foot pathology with a focus on forefoot pathology.

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