Dr Sharon Crichlow
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Dr Sharon Crichlow
Consultant Dermatologist
MBBS, FRCP, CCT Dermatology
NHS Trust: West Herts NHS Trust
Specialises in:
  • Acne
  • Inflammatory skin disease
  • Skin cancer diagnosis and surgery
  • The problems associated with skin of colour
  • Skin aesthetics including pigmentation problems, optimising general skin health, beauty and anti-ageing

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Professional profile

Dr Crichlow grew up in the Caribbean and achieved her primary medical qualifications at the University of the West Indies. She then relocated to the UK for her Post graduate Medical training at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth followed by her specific Dermatology training at University Hospitals of Leicester. While in Leicester, Dr Crichlow nurtured an interest in Dermatopathology which gave her greater insight into the underlying changes seen in skin disease and a better appreciation for the full range of disorders. Dr Crichlow completed her Dermatology training in 2008 and then worked as a Consultant Dermatologist with Luton and Dunstable Hospital Foundation Trust and now West Herts NHS Trust. She has practiced privately at OSD Healthcare since 2017.

Conditions treated include, but are not limited to, all forms of eczema, psoriasis, lichen planus, acne, rosacea, skin infections e.g. fungal infections, allergic contact dermatitis, moles reviews, sun damage and skin cancer including surgery. Patch testing for allergic contact dermatitis is offered in London or Hertfordshire. Benign conditions such as skin tags, seborrheic warts, and ‘lumpy’ moles can also be treated.

Dr Crichlow can also offer narrow band UVB light therapy here at OSD Healthcare which is useful in the treatment of conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo, pityriasis lichenoides, itching of uncertain origin and nodular prurigo among others.

Please note: Dr Crichlow only sees patients aged 12 and above.

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Additional information

As a lifelong acne sufferer, Dr Crichlow fully understand the enormous impact dermatological disease has on a patient’s quality of life. This drives her to provide the highest standards of care and service to her patients.

Dr Crichlow’s special areas of interest include the comprehensive management of acne / acne rosacea and the associated pigmentation and scarring which often follows, alongside general anti-ageing skin care for optimal skin health and aesthetics.

She hopes to have a wider range of anti-scarring treatments available at OSD Healthcare in the near future.

Dr Crichlow also has an interest in the specific problems associated with skin of colour, including problems with uneven pigmentation and ingrown hairs.

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