Emma Cadwallader
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MSK Physiotherapist
BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy
NHS Trust: Private practice only
Specialises in:
  • MSK
  • Sports injuries
  • Spinal injuries

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Professional profile

My Career started in 1997 when I qualified from the University of East London with a BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy. I Joined the NHS to get a good grounding and experience in all areas of physiotherapy and this has been invaluable in developing my career and allowed me to move into the private sector with confidence in my experience. I’ve worked in a variety of settings including physiotherapy clinics, private hospitals and The Police Rehabilitation unit.

I really enjoy working in the private sector. It allows me to focus on you, getting to the root cause of your problem so that together we can plan treatment, set achievable goals and work to get you back to your health.

I feel it is important to listen to you so I can understand your concerns and your expectations for treatment. I’m a very hands on physiotherapist, improving movement and pain by using manual skills which I always back up with comprehensive home exercise plan and lifestyle advice. I like you to be involved in your treatment by asking questions so you have a better understanding of your condition and rehabilitation.

Additional information

Over the last 24 years I’ve taken an active role in developing my career including completing training with the MACP and more recently have completed CBT and work station assessment training.

The great thing about physiotherapy is the wide variety of clinical presentations we see, constantly keeping us on our toes. I love treating all things related to the spine, from disc prolapse, headaches to whiplash and TMJ issues and I find that my love for manual therapy alongside exercises and advice for these conditions make such a difference to my patients’ lives.

I enjoy working right through from seeing patients on the ward to their end goal of returning to work and sport. I really developed my end stage rehab skills when working at The Police Rehab unit, analysing precisely what they needed to be able to do for their work and then getting them ready for fitness tests and frontline work whether they were desk based or highly trained firearms officers in a very physically demanding role. These skills transfer across to all my patients, it is important to fully understand, appreciate and work towards what your life demands of you and I love this investigation work to develop the rehabilitation plan.

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