Dr Wajid Hussain
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Dr Wajid Hussain
Consultant Cardiologist
BSc (Hons) (Physiology), MBChB (Hons), FRCP (UK)
NHS Trust: Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust
Specialises in:
  • Cardiac electrophysiology
  • Arrhythmias/palpitations
  • Ablation
  • Syncope (blackouts)
  • Trans-oesophageal echocardiography

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Professional profile

Dr Hussain graduated in 1993 with honours from Birmingham University. He trained in general cardiology at various specialist cardiac units in London, before undertaking research and further training in electrophysiology in London and New York. He was appointed as consultant cardiac electrophysiologist at the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust in 2006 to facilitate the expansion of ablation services particularly in atrial fibrillation. He has wide experience in general cardiology but has a subspecialty interest in electrophysiology which is the management of patients with rhythm problems. He is interested in the use of innovative digital healthcare technologies to improve patient care. He is currently undertaking a master’s degree in digital healthcare leadership, at Imperial College. He is also the clinical director of digital health for the Royal College of Physicians (London) driving change at national level in digital health.

Additional information

My principal interest is in the management of arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythms) in particular atrial fibrillation. I specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of symptoms that may be related to abnormal heart rhythms such as palpitations, syncope (blackouts) and breathlessness. I look after many patients with atrial fibrillation the commonest abnormal heart rhythm. I work in one of the largest heart rhythm units in Europe with access to the latest technologies for treatment. I was the governance lead for this group for many years focusing on providing the best outcomes for these patients who often require specialist teams. I have become increasingly interested in how innovative digital technologies are going to transform healthcare delivery over the next few years.

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