Hand Therapy
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Hand Therapy

A specialist branch of physiotherapy dedicated to the rehabilitation of patients with conditions affecting the hands and upper limbs

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Hand Therapy at OSD Healthcare provides individualised, one on one treatment, for people who are experiencing problems with their hands and/or wrists.

Your issue may be new, long standing, include single or multiple areas, you may have had surgery or are trying to avoid the need for surgery. We recognise that hand and wrist injuries are often complex and that is why we have a dedicated service providing specialist care to help achieve the best possible outcomes.


Our Specialist Hand Therapist will take time to understand the history and background of your hand and/or wrist disorder or injury, including how it is affecting you in all aspects of your life and what your goals of treatment are. They will also ask about your medical history and what medication you are taking.

Once they have completed this subjective assessment, they will then work through a physical examination with you. This will vary depending on your issue, but the aim will be to assess your physical ability which may include using a range of specific clinical and functional based tests, assessing your movement, power and sensation and evaluating the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joint movement and nerves.

By the end of the assessment, our Specialist Hand Therapist will devise an individual treatment programme, based upon your treatment goals and your condition. Please note this may take more than one session and is dependent on factors such as the complexity of the issue. Your treatment programme will evolve with time, depending on how you respond to treatment, any change in goals and changes with your condition.

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