Shockwave therapy
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Shockwave therapy

Radial shockwave (also known as extracorporeal shockwave therapy, ESWT) is used to treat chronic tendon pain.

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The aim of shockwave therapy is to deliver an energetic, mechanical shockwave that triggers a response in the affected area. The shockwave accelerates the healing process of injured tissue, remodels scar tissue and breaks down calcification.

Our experts use an EMS Swiss Dolarcast radial shockwave machine.



At your first appointment, we will take a detailed medical history and perform an assessment to better understand your condition. This will help us to make sure this is the right treatment for you and eliminate any reasons why you may not be able to have it.

Shockwave is delivered as a course of treatment. Based on research, we advise that four sessions of treatment are required for positive results. If required and indicated, additional sessions may be added.

The physiotherapist will first apply gel to the painful area and the handpiece that delivers the shockwave before administering the treatment.

People report varying levels of discomfort during the treatment, from mild to intense. The treatment typically lasts just a few minutes and most people can tolerate it. Many people then report reduced pain that can last up to a few hours after the appointment.

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