Referral for diagnostic investigation
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Referral for diagnostic investigation

An appointment with an advanced practitioner in physiotherapy (APP) to assess whether further investigation is required to diagnose a potential musculoskeletal (MSK) condition. Diagnostic investigations include MRI, x-ray or ultrasound scans.

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Diagnostic investigations require a referral from an authorised healthcare professional. At OSD Healthcare, our advanced practitioners in physiotherapy can assess MSK conditions and refer to our in-house diagnostic department, if required. Results are interpreted and explained to you, together with recommendations on how to proceed. We are able to help you each step of the way, including facilitating referrals to consultants or starting the rehabilitation process.


The APP will take a detailed medical history to understand your symptoms, past medical conditions and treatment to date. They will also perform a physical assessment.

The physiotherapist will then discuss their recommendations with you on how to proceed which may include referring you for a specific diagnostic investigation. The physiotherapist will choose the most appropriate investigation based on your symptoms and the radiological guidelines. They will discuss any risks with you in advance and ensure there are no reasons why you cannot have the scan.

Working closely with our Consultant Radiologists, Orthopaedic Consultants and GP’s, we are experienced in preparing you for the consultation, interpreting imaging results and understanding what to recommend next.

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