Ossur knee braces
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Ossur knee braces

Assessment and fitting of off-the-shelf and customised Ossur knee braces.

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Based on their quality and patient outcomes, Ossur are global leaders in non-invasive orthopaedics. We are proud to be a preferred provider and fitting clinic for their off-the-shelf and customised knee braces.

The Unloader One knee brace can be used for uni-compartment osteoarthtritis (OA). Over 8 years of research demonstrates the positive effects it has for people with OA knee pain, often delaying or even avoiding surgery in many cases.

We also fit knee braces following meniscal, cartilage or ligament injury, or as a preventative measure if you are involved in high impact/risk sport e.g. motor cross, wake boarding, skiing.


The appropriate brace will be chosen based on your clinical assessment. Most people are fitted with an off-the-shelf brace which can be taken away that same day, if the brace is in stock. Otherwise, one may need to be ordered for you and fitted at a later date (usually within 5 working days).

If your measurements are not quite standard, we will help you to order a customised brace made entirely to fit you. Delivery and fitting for this option is usually within 15 days.

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