Joint injection therapy
Please wear a face mask if you have a cough, cold, sore throat or other flu-like symptoms!

Joint injection therapy

Soft tissue and joint injection therapy using corticosteroid medication and hyaluronic acid to help relieve pain, stiffness and swelling by reducing inflammation.

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Our advanced practitioner in physiotherapy is qualified and highly-experienced in soft tissue and joint injection therapy. The injection is performed using a ‘landmark-guided’ technique which is appropriate for most injections.


You will first be booked in for an ‘injection opinion’ appointment during which a detailed medical history will be taken. This will help to determine if you are eligible for an injection and which one is the most suitable for you.

If an injection is recommended, the practitioner will discuss with you the different merits of and uses for the corticosteroid and the hyaluronic acid injections, so that you can agree together which one to use.

The injection can be performed during the initial appointment, as long as:

  • you are able to rest from normal activities for 48-72 hours after the injection
  • you are not taking any antibiotics
  • you are systemically well
  • you have someone to drive you home, if needed

If you take warfarin:

  • Further guidance, and potentially tests, may be recommended before you are able to have the injection.

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