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Urgent or Life Threatening Conditions

Please note that for any urgent or life-threatening conditions, we always recommend that you should call 999 or go to your nearest emergency department immediately. We are usually able to provide face to face or remote appointments with our GP’s within 24 hours. Please contact 01442 331 900 to book an appointment.



Examination of vaginal and cervical tissues to investigate and identify the presence of abnormal cells.

A cervical screening test is offered regularly to all women as a way to examine the health of the cells in the cervix. In 1 in 20 women, a cervical smear test may show abnormal cells that, if left untreated, might develop into cancer. A colposcopy allows a closer and more detailed look at these abnormal cells.

During a colposcopy, a type of microscope, known as a colposcope, is used to observe the cervix while liquids are applied to highlight abnormal cells. Should any abnormal cells be present, the consultant will take a small sample of tissue (biopsy) to send away for further analysis.

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