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Some of our services can be accessed directly. For others, you may need a referral from a GP or other healthcare professional. Here are the options:

Don’t need a referral, or already have a GP letter?

Contact us directly to make an appointment.

Think you may need a referral, but want to ask your own GP?

Ask your GP to contact us.

Not sure?

Please contact us, our expert patient services team can advise you in confidence.

Call OSD Healthcare today

Mon – Fri: 8am – 8pm
Sat: 9am - 4.00pm
Sun: 10am - 2pm

01442 331 900

At your first appointment

  • When you arrive at our Clinic we ask you to complete patient registration, medical history and consent forms. Our Patient Services team will be on hand should you need them.

  • In particular, we need to know about any allergies or medications you are taking, so please bring along your most recent repeat prescription list, or your actual medication if that’s easier.

  • You’ll be asked for the contact details of any doctors you want to receive a copy of your medical report, including your NHS GP, so please have this information to hand.

  • If you are using your private medical insurance then you will need to bring the details of your policy, including your scheme details, membership or policy number, expiry date and confirmation of eligibility in the form of your Authorisation number.

    Choice of care

    At OSD Healthcare our healthcare experts can look after all your needs and most of the diagnostic test and treatments you may need can be carried out in the comfort and convenience of our OSD Healthcare Clinic. If you do need an inpatient procedure, our Consultants can undertake your treatment at a choice of high quality hospitals in the area, after which you can continue your follow-up and care at OSD Healthcare.

    Our policy at OSD Healthcare is to provide access to a choice of high quality care for a wide range of healthcare concerns from minor to serious medical conditions.

    We offer patients an option to continue with private treatment, or you may wish to select an NHS route at any time, in which case we will fully support your decision and guide you to your chosen pathway.

    There are many ways to pay at OSD Healthcare


    You can pay for your own treatment

    On the day:

    We accept all major debit and credit cards, and Apple Pay.

    Spread the cost

    Our credit plan for patients allows the cost of treatment to be spread in installments, (0% credit).
    Available to all patients.



    You can use your private medical insurance

    Before contacting us, please:

    Check the procedure you are having is covered by your medical insurer.
    Ask your private medical insurer for an authorisation code – we will need this to arrange payment.

    Not sure?

    Please contact us, our expert patient services team can advise you in confidence and, if necessary, contact your medical insurer on your behalf.

    FAQs for your visit

    • How quickly can I get an appointment?

      We aim to book an appointment for you as quickly as possible but it will be dependent on the treatment that you need.

    • Do you do home visits?

      Yes, we can arrange for a GP visit to your home or hotel. There is a charge of £250 for visits up to 20 miles from the clinic.

    • Do I need to be referred by my GP for treatment?

      It depends on the treatment that you require, some consultations and treatments need a referral from your GP or a specialist, our Patient Services team can advise you. If you are using your private medical insurance then your insurer may have their own requirements regarding your route for referral so we advise speaking to them first.

    • I know the specific consultant that I want an appointment with. Can I book directly?

      Yes, you can contact us to book an appointment. Some consultants will require a referral from your GP, our Patient Services Team will advise if this is required before the appointment is confirmed.

    • Will you tell my GP about my appointment?

      We will only advise your GP about your treatment with your permission. If you would prefer for them not to be know about then we won't share details of your treatment with them.

    • I haven’t had a chance to see my GP about my symptoms but I know the specialist I need to see. Can I book directly?

      This will depend on the specialist that you need to see, our Patient Services team will be able to advise you. If you need a referral then you can book an appointment to see our in-house GP team who can arrange the referral for you.

    • Are you able to refer me back to the NHS once I have had my treatment?

      Yes, you are able to refer your treatment back to the NHS at any point. We are happy to keep your GP and/or NHS specialist up-to-date with your treatment for as long as you are a OSD Healthcare patient.

    • I’ve already seen a specialist in the NHS. Can I continue my treatment privately?

      Yes, if we have a consultant who specialises in the condition you are being treated for then you can book an appointment to see them privately at OSD Healthcare. View our consultants or speak to our Patient Services team for more details.

    • What happens if I need to cancel my appointment?

      If you can’t make your OSD Healthcare appointment, for any reason, please let us know within 48 hours of your appointment so as to avoid possible cancellation fees, especially as you will not be able to reclaim cancellation fees from your private medical insurer or sponsor.

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