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28th February 2022  •  Read 0 times

Toothbrushing tips for children

For National Children’s Dental Health Month, General Dentist Ola Hassan shared with us her top tips for toothbrushing for children.

Tip 1: Teeth should be brushed as soon as they come through

It is important to begin brushing your children’s teeth as soon as they come through. Toothbrushing is advised before breakfast and before bedtime using fluoridated toothpaste – a minimum of 1000ppm (parts per million).

Below you can see the correct amount of toothpaste for your child’s age:

Tip 2: Assist with brushing

Parents/carers must either complete the brushing or supervise their child’s teeth brushing. Ola recommends an adult should assist until a child can tie their own shoelaces independently.

Tip 3: Ask your child to just spit the toothpaste out, no rinsing!

Ensuring your children don’t rinse their mouth out allows the teeth to absorb some ‘good stuff’ from the toothpaste which helps to make the teeth stronger.

Tip 4: Use mouthwash at the right time and right age

Kids using mouthwash right after brushing is a rather ineffective, as you’re just washing off all the fluoride from the toothpaste. From age 6 if your child is able to swish with mouthwash and spit it out without swallowing, you can have them get an extra dose of fluoride and its protective mechanisms right after school when they’re not brushing their teeth.

Just remember, mouthwash is not a replacement for toothbrushing! It is not always needed if your child is brushing well and has a low sugar diet.

It is essential to visit your dentist regularly for check-ups, and the same goes for your children. Ola treats little ones as young as 6 months old, so secure an appointment today by calling 01442 331 900 or complete an enquiry form here.

Picture of Ola Hassan
About the author
Ola Hassan

Dentist & Facial Aesthetics Practitioner

Dr Ola Hassan qualified in 2011 from the University of Leeds with Merit and achieved multiple university awards including achieving 1st place in the UK for a case she presented. She went on to complete her vocational training in London after which she focused on progressing her dental skills within restorative dentistry through being mentored for over 2 years by a restorative consultant.  Alongside this role she was also a clinical tutor to undergraduate dental students at the University of Birmingham. Ola constantly strives to provide the best treatment possible for her patients. Not only does this apply in what she does clinically but she also ensures that her patients’ dental experience is as comfortable as possible.

Dr Ola has also been providing medical facial aesthetics since 2013 and has been mentored by some of the biggest names in the industry. From an award winning academy in Harley street to honing in on skills taught by a world renowned plastic surgeon which has allowed her to successfully transform the lives of many, helping them rediscover their confidence.

Dr Ola offers dermal filler treatment treating most areas of the face including more advanced procedures like non-surgical rhinoplasty! Anti-wrinkle treatments for both aesthetic and medical benefits are also provided following a thorough consultation and assessment.

Ola loves being part of the team at OSD Healthcare as she feels she can really take the time she needs to listen to her patients and their concerns. She loves being able to address problems that have bothered her patients for years whilst maintaining standards to ensure the best possible results for them. She has a lovely personality and is passionate about achieving results, Ola pays attention to detail in all that she does. She believes in the notion that if her patients are happy then so is she.

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