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7th July 2020  •  Read 0 times

The impacts of Covid-19 on the dental profession

Dentists are used to dealing with all things small. Small teeth, small nerve canals, small spaces to clean. It was therefore mind-boggling to see how something so microscopic could bring the whole world to a complete halt. From a dental perspective, this meant putting our hand-pieces down, chairs off and lights out, BUT still keeping our masks on!

From clinicians to crystal ball readers

We suddenly transformed from being clinicians, unable to do our jobs without our mirrors, probes, and all our other little tools, to literally becoming crystal ball readers, trying our best to make an accurate diagnosis while our patients described their problems and symptoms over the phone. For dentists, who are usually known to be extremely meticulous and careful about ensuring the correct diagnoses and treatments plans are communicated, this was an extremely frustrating time. Nonetheless, we had to ensure we did the best we could during these unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes just a reassuring voice over the phone was enough to reduce the anxieties patients had, other times it was a simple solution that a patient could easily manage themselves at home. I did become very proud of my own set of telephone dentistry graduates who managed to sort themselves out with temporary fillings, re-cementing loose crowns temporarily, and those who improved their brushing techniques to alleviate gum pain.

Despite these small wins, we were all still desperately wanting to get back to work to ensure our patients were cared for properly. Many aspects of oral care were simply impossible to carry out without seeing a patient within the comforts of a dental clinic.

Life after lockdown

Having been back at work for a few weeks, it is evident how much our patients appreciate being able to see us again, especially those who had pain lingering from lockdown. We suddenly have patients who have been reluctant to visit the dentist, feel so much more grateful about the chance to be cared for once again.

Patients who are having to go into hospital for cancer care and needing their oral health check to ensure there are no complications, kids (and parents) who have had a few too many sugary snacks leading to lost fillings, toothaches and more are finally being seen.

We couldn’t have done it alone

It is important to note the amount of hard work that went on behind the scenes to prepare the dentists return to work. If it wasn’t for the managers, dental nurses and others who ensured everything was in place for the safety of our patients and staff we would not be able to offer the services we are today. This pandemic has shown us we could not be overcautious and so every effort went into ensuring that it was safe for patients to return to us for their care.

Ensuring patient and staff safety

This has meant we have had to completely reduce the number of patients we see in a day to ensure social-distancing guidelines are followed, but also to allow for extra time for our hard-working nurses to ensure every surface has been well cleaned and disinfected following each appointment. Although this may mean our patients may have to wait longer for their appointments, we know that they appreciate the extra safety measures put in place to make their experience with us safe.

While we wait for the correct PPE to be received we have been very limited in what treatments we can provide, however it will not be long before we get to offer the full range of dental services that we have been trained to do well. We may just look a little alien like when you see us next time but it will still be your friendly team under all the gear!

We look forward to seeing your bright smiles being looked after by us again soon!

Picture of Ola Hassan
About the author
Ola Hassan

Dentist & Facial Aesthetics Practitioner

Dr Ola Hassan qualified in 2011 from the University of Leeds with Merit and achieved multiple university awards including achieving 1st place in the UK for a case she presented. She went on to complete her vocational training in London after which she focused on progressing her dental skills within restorative dentistry through being mentored for over 2 years by a restorative consultant.  Alongside this role she was also a clinical tutor to undergraduate dental students at the University of Birmingham. Ola constantly strives to provide the best treatment possible for her patients. Not only does this apply in what she does clinically but she also ensures that her patients’ dental experience is as comfortable as possible.

Dr Ola has also been providing medical facial aesthetics since 2013 and has been mentored by some of the biggest names in the industry. From an award winning academy in Harley street to honing in on skills taught by a world renowned plastic surgeon which has allowed her to successfully transform the lives of many, helping them rediscover their confidence.

Dr Ola offers dermal filler treatment treating most areas of the face including more advanced procedures like non-surgical rhinoplasty! Anti-wrinkle treatments for both aesthetic and medical benefits are also provided following a thorough consultation and assessment.

Ola loves being part of the team at OSD Healthcare as she feels she can really take the time she needs to listen to her patients and their concerns. She loves being able to address problems that have bothered her patients for years whilst maintaining standards to ensure the best possible results for them. She has a lovely personality and is passionate about achieving results, Ola pays attention to detail in all that she does. She believes in the notion that if her patients are happy then so is she.

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