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20th May 2024  •  Read 0 times

Redefining Breast Cancer Surgery With Endomag

At OSD Healthcare, we understand that the key to the successful treatment of Breast Cancer is identifying its presence at an early stage and having a comprehensive understanding of its severity. As an extension of our Rapid Access Breast Clinic, we are delighted to offer two cutting-edge intervention tests that will provide a quicker and more detailed analysis for those with a confirmed cancer diagnosis.

Introducing Endomag Technology

Endomag technologies play a small but important role in the treatment of breast cancer, helping surgeons to perform removal and staging procedures with greater precision and care.

In the past, surgeons have used devices called guidewires and radioactive tracers to perform removal and staging procedures. However, with Endomag technologies the procedures are performed using magnetic alternatives instead.

Magseed® Marker

A tiny magnetic seed (the size of a grain of rice) that helps accurately indicate the location of a cancer that cannot be felt within the breast. The seed is placed in the breast prior to surgery and enables more flexible and precise cancer localisation during surgical removal. The seed is inactive when placed within the breast and only becomes detectable when the Sentimag® Probe passes over it during surgery.

Magtrace® Lymphatic Tracer

A liquid tracer containing iron filings used specifically to localise the dominant draining axillary lymph nodes. This is a non-radioactive tracer that is designed to follow the same path an invading cancer cell would take through the lymphatic system. The predominant draining lymph nodes are detected using a Magnetic probe that directs the Breast Surgeon to the first draining lymph nodes most likely to contain cancer if invasion into the lymphatic system has occurred. In turn, this allows the determination of whether the cancer has spread.

Benefits of Endomag Technologies

The benefits of Endomag technologies include:

– Reduced discomfort
– Fewer hospital visits
– Improved cosmetic outcomes
– Greater accuracy for the surgeon in removing the cancer

While the prospect of surgery can be daunting, the good news is that breast cancer is one of the most well-understood cancers. Thanks to recent innovations like Endomag, it can now be treated with fewer surgical procedures and less discomfort than ever before.

Should you be concerned about a lump or a change in your breasts, it is important to have your symptoms checked as soon as possible. To book an appointment at our Rapid Access Breast Clinic, simply click here to get in touch.

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