Bridges & crowns
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Bridges & crowns

A tooth-shaped cap placed over a tooth or in a space to close a gap.

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Onlays, crowns and bridges are usually used to restore shape, size and strength of a tooth, to improve the appearance of the tooth or to close a space from a missing tooth. The onlay, crown or bridge is cemented into place; the dentist will offer this option to you if a simple filling is not sufficient for your needs.

Onlays, crowns and bridges are made of many different materials. Your dentist will explain the difference between them and advise which may be the most suitable for you.


Usually two appointments are required:

Appointment 1
The dentist will examine and prepare, or build-up, your tooth to make room for the new restoration to be supported. Moulds of your teeth are taken and sent to a skilled dental technician at a dental laboratory to construct the restoration, as specified by the dentist. A temporary crown will be placed to protect and cover the prepared tooth while your new restoration is being made.

Appointment 2
The dentist will remove the temporary restoration. The fit and colour of the onlay/ crown/bridge will be carefully checked. If everything is acceptable, the final restoration is cemented in place.

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