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General Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapy team will work with you, putting you at the centre of your care so that you are able to access high-quality physiotherapy and specialist services.

We could write a long and exhaustive list but, to keep it simple, if you have joint, bone, muscle, nerve, ligament or tendon problems then get in touch and let us see if we can help you.

Our Prices

  • Initial Physiotherapy consultation
  • Follow up Physiotherapy 30 min/60 min
  • Gait analysis
  • Shockwave therapy package (can be combined with Tendon Clinic) - course of 3
  • Customised orthotics
  • Pre-Operative Preparation - course of 4
  • Pre-Operative Preparation - course of 12
  • Tendon Clinic


Put yourself in the professional hands of our Chartered Physiotherapists, once the assessment has been completed, it’s now your turn to get active. Our team is vastly experienced at treating everyone as an individual, developing and progressing bespoke rehabilitation programmes over subsequent visits to help you on your journey to optimal recovery. We use an exercise prescription programme that you can access from your computer and smart device via our customised app to help make it as easy as possible for you to perform the rehabilitation and keep track of your progress.

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Tendon Clinic

Following a thorough clinical history, biomechanical and functional assessment our Chartered Physiotherapists will design a comprehensive loading/rehabilitation programme for an enhanced recovery and less risk of recurrence. If indicated, we can arrange an ultrasound scan here to assess the integrity of the tendon. For some patients, treatment may also involve a course of shockwave therapy.

We have an EMS Swiss Dolarcast Shockwave Machine and accept direct referrals from Orthopaedic, Rheumatology, Sports and Exercise Medicine Consultants and Allied Health Professionals for courses of treatment.

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Gait Analysis

In addition to our comprehensive lower limb and foot assessment, we use a Tog Gait Scanning Platform to understand your lower limb and foot biomechanics in greater detail than a naked eye can do. It provides us with 2D and 3D mapping of the distribution of force and provides valuable information on how the lower limb and foot is functioning.

From these results we will form an opinion on whether a customised orthotic will help improve your function and reduce pain.

Don’t worry, they aren’t big and bulky and can be designed to fit a wide range of footwear.

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Ossur Knee Braces

We are a certified partner to fit Ossur knee braces. These world renowned knee braces are chosen carefully based on your requirements.

Unloader One OTS and Custom for osteoarthritis (OA). It provides a highly effective unloading force for unicompartmental conditions which can help to reduce pain and delay or avoid the need for surgery.

CTi for total support of the knee ligaments (ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL) following injury.

Also used by sportspeople, including motorcross riders and skiers/snowboarders to prevent injury to the knee ligaments.

Rebound PCL applies a physiologically correct dynamic force to the PCL during rehabilitation and recovery after injury +/- surgery.

Rebound ACL applies a physiologically correct dynamic force to the ACL during rehabilitation and recovery after injury +/- surgery.

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