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Physiotherapy led yoga

One-to-one yoga sessions led by a physiotherapist.

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Our yoga instructor is also a chartered physiotherapist so we really understand how the body works and moves. Even if you have a musculoskeletal condition that may limit your participation in a normal yoga class, we tailor our classes to your needs and will advise on how to adapt or avoid a challenging move.

Progression through our classes will be clinically guided so they are ideal for people looking to improve their physical performance, strength, balance and flexibility.

You don’t need to wait until your aches and pains have eased before starting yoga so book now!


Before starting any yoga, our physiotherapist instructor will carry out a detailed medical history and physical assessment to understand any medical or physical conditions you may have. Your yoga journey will then begin based on your ability, previous experience and any restrictions.

You will find during the one-to-one session that moves can be immediately adapted or altered to you, instead of hoping you are doing it correctly in a typical class situation. You will also find that it gives you the confidence to try out new moves, improves your technique and your overall experience.

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