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About our Health Assessments

Our range of health assessments offer you a thorough health check-up, to help you understand your personal risk for conditions such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes – think of it as a healthcare MOT.

Many conditions are symptomless in the early stages and can be improved with simple lifestyle changes (such as diet changes, supplementation, and exercise). Therefore, pinpointing the areas needing improvement can help avoid complications in the future by giving you the knowledge and motivation needed to improve. After your appointment, you will receive a comprehensive, personalised medical report with advice and recommendations and if necessary, a referral to one of our expert GP’s or specialist Consultants.

It is important to note that our health assessments are for people without symptoms. If you are experiencing symptoms, or concerned about your health, please arrange an appointment with your GP.

Choose the best Health Assessment for you:

Vital Health Assessment

Vital Health Assessment

A 90 minute assessment designed to provide comprehensive checks and screenings on your overall health and well-being.


The Vital Health Assessment has been designed to provide an enhanced knowledge of your overall health.

This includes checks, screenings and investigations for common diseases, conditions and most major threats to your health, along with an assessment of your lifestyle and well-being.

Your Vital Health Assessment includes:

  • One hour assessment with a healthcare professional
  • Half an hour assessment with a doctor, substantial time to discuss immediate results and any health concerns or questions you may have
  • Range of health checks
  • Personalised medical report with recommendations
  • Screening includes certain cancers (men and women’s health), heart disease, stroke risk & liver disease and diabetes

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Absolute Health Assessment
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