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About our health assessments

Our range of health assessments offers you a health check-up with screening to help you understand your personal risk for conditions such as cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Giving you peace of mind or allowing for an early diagnosis, so you have the best options for treatment.

You will receive a comprehensive, personalised medical report with advice and recommendations and if necessary a referral to one of our expert GP’s or specialist Consultants.

Choose the best health assessment for you:

Essential Health Assessment

Essential Health Assessment

A 60 minute assessment to provide a personalised overview of your current health and lifestyle with recommendations.


Using essential blood tests, body measurements and cardiovascular risk scores, The Essential Health Assessment will provide you with a personalised overview of your current health and lifestyle.

Giving you an essential knowledge about your own health as well as recommendations and advice from our expert medical professionals.

Your Essential Health Assessment includes:

  • One hour assessment with a healthcare professional
  • Range of health checks
  • Personalised medical report with recommendations
  • Lifestyle consultation with nurse
  • Includes screening for heart disease, stroke risk and diabetes

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Essential Health Assessment:

Your Essential Health Assessment includes:

  • Lifestyle questionnaire

  • Body measurements

  • Diabetes check

  • Anaemia check

  • Cholesterol check

  • Cardiovascular health check

  • Urine test

  • Vision

  • Emotional well-being check

  • Additional services for men and women

Vital Health Assessment
Absolute Health Assessment
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