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Dr Fionnuala Barton
General Practitioner
MBBS, BSc, nMRCGP (2014)
NHS Trust:
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Specialises in:
  • General practice

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Professional profile

After completing foundation training at St Thomas’s in London and working overseas to gain experience in a wide range of disciplines, Dr Barton undertook GP Training to fulfil her passion for managing variety and practising in a holistic way. She completed training in London before moving back to Hertfordshire where she works as an NHS and Private GP.

Additional information

“Medicine is a diverse and exciting career. Since a young age I have loved learning about the human body: how it works and what we can do when it doesn’t. Our capacity to prevent disease and cure disease is constantly improving. As a General Practitioner I have the privilege of caring for patients from the moment they arrive in the world until their final days, and all that can happen in between. It is my passion to listen, care and support patients through health difficulties in a sensitive, empathetic and holistic way.”

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