Dr Antonin Gechev
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Dr Antonin Gechev
Neurophysiology Consultant
NHS Trust: West Hertfordshire Hospitals and The Royal Free London
Specialises in:
  • Spinal root dysfunction
  • Radiculopathies

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Professional profile


In Dr Gechev’s professional life he was interested initially in some aspects of spinal root dysfunction causing intermittent paralysis and found Clinical Neurophysiology might help to identify the underlying mechanism. That took him to a position developing a comprehensive method to evaluate patients with radiculopathies. He made an assumption, patients will benefit if we identify their condition before choosing a conservative or surgical treatment. The method proved to be beneficial in a consequent controlled study.

At that time he was involved in Clinical Governance and became Medical Director responsible for a Rehabilitation Hospital. After completing four consecutive terms he returned with energy to clinical practice at a new level – with newly gained experience in leadership, innovation and management. His interest in Clinical Neurophysiology flourished in the last 8 years working in different NHS Hospitals with passion and enthusiasm.

“My medical career of 25 years is inspired by the willingness to help people and my family, developing new technologies and collaborating with brilliant colleagues all over the world.”

Dr Gechev speaks Bulgarian and English.


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