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Last time I checked in, I had just completed week 3 of my sugar free journey. Below is a recap of my final week and how the first week off my sugar ban has been:


Final Sugar Free February Week

So, the final week, where do I start.

I’ll admit that I found this week easy but I did have mixed emotions throughout. The cravings kept creeping back and it was difficult to fend them off knowing that at the end of the week I could eat sugar again. It’s a difficult thing to express as I didn’t necessary crave the sugar but I did want what I couldn’t have. At that point, I didn’t actually know whether or not I would go back to eating sugar like before. The freedom of not even having to think what I’m eating now has been liberating as the rules have been black and white. If it doesn’t have sugar; I eat it. If it does have sugar; I don’t.


Wacky sugar fluctuating emotions aside, I am ecstatic that I have hit my £500 target, and I am so proud of myself for the achievements that I have completed this last month! To congratulate me on my success and fundraising, my husband Del sent me a huge bouquet of flowers to work to show his support. I continue to be overwhelmed by the amount of people who originally thought I wouldn’t be able to finish but then contacted me later with encouraging words. As the week was winding down, I bought myself a Wispa chocolate bar ready for Friday morning, but at that point I wasn’t even sure if I would want it. Then suddenly, my sugar free month was over.


Husband sent bouquet of flowers to show his support



Day 1 of March! I’m allowed sugar in my tea and this little fact makes me so excited. It’s definitely the small things in life, hey?

I tucked into a Cadbury’s Cream Egg in the morning and my mum made a massive lemon cake to congratulate me on my achievements. In my mind, the best way to celebrate not eating sugar was to indeed indulge in all the things I had missed. However, the cream egg made me feel awful and I couldn’t even eat a small slice of cake. Sorry mum! By lunch time I had a headache and I was so tired from the come down. It probably wasn’t a smart idea to start with a cream egg containing 27g of sugar… Talk about starting off gently, my first step back into the sugar-filled world suddenly put me off wanting much sugar at all.


Mum’s massive lemon cake


This week has been so interesting. That chocolate bar I brought for myself last week is still in my bag and I’m not even fussed about it. What is this feeling? I have never in my life let a chocolate bar sit in my bag – It’d usually eat it before walking out of the shop (after paying of course)! Its rather alien like to me that I don’t even want it. The only thing I have managed to eat sugar wise is ice cream and I don’t think I will ever be able to give that up. That being said, I am looking into lower sugar alternatives. I’ll admit, I am enjoying tea with only 1 and ½ sugars as well. I tried 1 but that just wasn’t going to happen but 1 ½ is way better than the 3 sugars I had in each cup of tea previously. Who knows, in the future I may be able to reduce it down if I put less and less in each time I make one.


‘You did it’ Congratulatory card


It’s early days so I plan to check in during April to update you all on how my Sugar Free February has impacted me long-term. It will be interesting to see how my habits are at the end of March and if I have returned to my old ways. Here’s to hoping I still don’t want any sugar. As it stands including gift aid, I have raised just over £800 for Cancer Research UK and that makes the whole month worth every emotion and craving. I really hope that you have enjoyed following my journey and I hope I have inspired others to give up something that they think they couldn’t live without. Thank you to everyone who has read my journey and offered support. I could not have done this without you.


Completed Sugar Free February