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The finish line is in sight now, less than a week to go.


This week has been an odd one really. I’ve tried and enjoyed foods without using sweetener which was surprise. Who knew I could enjoy cornflakes without sugar? Although breakfast has been a success, tea is still a no go and I don’t think I will ever be able to a hack a cuppa without at least one sugar. I can only manage about half a cup before I admit that it really isn’t nice and pour it away.


I haven’t had any cravings this week and it has been so completely different to last week. I feel like it has been a bit of a breeze if I am honest. To start the week off my mum hosted an afternoon tea for a large number of friends who had got together for a catch up and in true mum fashion she baked lots of goodies and had strawberries covered in chocolate, yum. So, I was surrounded by lovely ladies all enjoying my mums baking and I didn’t even want any.

Mum’s afternoon tea

I feel like I have lots more energy and for the start of the half term holidays I took my eldest on a 2 hour walk, at his request may I add – I’m not that cruel to inflict that much walking under protest. I am also finding that getting up in the morning is a lot easier as well.


I am going off the thought of sugary foods now and to know that in less than a week I could go back to bingeing on all the sugar I could possibly want doesn’t really appeal to me anymore. I am looking to cut down my 3 sugars in a cup of tea to at least 1 or maybe even half of one (we shall see!) and the thought of snacking on chocolate rather than sugar free jelly isn’t really an option after Feb.


I am amazed at how different I feel this week compared to the last 2 weeks. The weight is coming off and the sense of accomplishment I feel with giving up that much sugar is an added bonus. I can very happily say that by the middle of week 3 I had hit my £500 fundraising target and I am so overwhelmed at the support from everyone around me to get me to that point. To think I started my fundraising with a target at £200 and had to increase it to £500 as the donations were flooding in makes me emotional.  As if the battle of giving up sugar wasn’t going to be enough, I knew I had to push myself to raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research and I am seriously proud of myself for gripping this challenge with two hands and running with it. I have loved reading back over my blogs to just realise to myself how far I have actually come in 3 short weeks.

Katie McGrorey – Less than a week to go

I really hope you have enjoyed following me on my journey so far and hopefully I may have inspired some of you to give up something you never thought you could. If I have, I hope my blogs have shown that although you will face hurdles along the way just jump right over and carry on because better things are around the corner. I’ll be back next week with a final update on my sugar free February.