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So, Week 2! I’m not completely sure how to put this week into words. It’s been tough, really tough. My moods have been all over the place – as my husband described it ‘you’re more up and down than a roller-coaster going 100mph’. The cravings for chocolate have been overwhelming and Saturday I finally broke down. I’ve never been one to be beaten by anything, but I sat and cried my heart out for 2 hours because the demands of my mind and body for sugar got too much. However, the headaches and achy muscles have now gone so at least that was one positive out of the week.

Katie McGrorey’s Roller-Coaster Week

On a lighter note, my shopping trip this week was a lot easier and we even got around the shops quicker than we do on a normal week. If this month is teaching me anything, it’s how much sugar is in the food that I feed my children. I’m noticing that my children’s evening meal has so much more sugar in it than I ever expected, even down to the things like beans. The usual beans we buy on our shopping list totals around 8.5g of sugar per half a can. We have swapped to reduced sugar and salt beans much to my children’s disappointment… because ‘mummy, they taste funny’.


So as stated in last week’s blog my aim is to limit the amount of sugar to only naturally occurring sugars and I can confirm that everything I have consumed in these last 14 days has been totally free of added sugars. My colleagues have worked out how much sugar I have been consuming during an average month previously to Sugar Free February and I am ashamed to admit it is around 4kg. That is the weight of your average new born baby… I’ll let that sink in. I’ve been eating the weight of a baby in sugar. Needless to say, I am really hoping that going completely sugar free for charity will in turn knock all these cravings on the head and bury it for good. I can’t say I will carry on being completely sugar free as I am missing a good cup of tea with sugar in it, but I will certainly not return to eating that much.

4kg of Sugar. The average weight of a new born baby

Now I have hit rock bottom with the emotions and cravings, the only way is up. I will not be beaten, and I will not give in. I have so much support from friends, family and colleagues to keep me going. I am even collecting post it notes of support on my desk and I get a new quote each week to keep me inspired to continue through the bad days. However, today has been a fantastic day with no cravings or temptations and I have hit the £400 mark with donations for Cancer Research UK! Here’s to hoping the next 14 days are as good as today.

Supportive words from family, friends and colleagues.

That’s my journey so far and I’m really starting to see that if you believe in yourself anything is possible. Until next week…