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19th August 2019  •  Read 0 times

Making a payment

Here at OSD Healthcare we have many different payment options available for our patients. We would really like to help as many people as possible gain access to private healthcare.  For this reason, we have introduced an option where if you have an account balance of £300 or more you will be able to spread the cost throughout the year by setting up a direct debit, completely interest free.  

We don’t hold any cash within the clinic so If you are a self-paying patient, we do ask that you pay using your credit or debit card.   

OSD Healthcare also works with all major insurers, so it couldn’t be easier to use your private medical insurance. Please bear in mind that coverage of consultations, diagnostic imaging, procedures and treatment, differ from one provider to another so for this reason we would highly recommend that you call your insurers before booking any appointments.  

Your insurers will be able to confirm whether your policy will cover the appointment type that you need, they will also be able to confirm if you will need to pay an excess and how to make a claim. Some insurers are happy to cover all your charges whilst others may ask you to pay your account in full and then send our invoice to them to claim the payment back. 

Once your insurers have given you authorisation for your appointment, they will provide you with an authorisation code. This needs to be provided to us along with your membership number, which may also be known as your policy number. They can even help you with providing the name of one of our clinicians that your policy will cover you for. 

If you would like to discuss the topics in this blog, please feel free to contact our friendly patient services team on 01442 331 900 or fill out our contact form here

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