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Orthopaedics, Patient information
Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Edmund Ieong discusses all there is to know about bunions including symptoms, causes and treatment.
Patient information, Urology
Urologist, Mr Aza Mohammed ,discusses common urinary tract symptoms in men, what causes them and how are they typically treated.
Dentistry, Patient information
Bleeding gums and toothache can be a common side effect of poor oral health during pregnancy. Follow these simple solutions to prevent these unwanted ailments and unnecessary trips to the Dentist.
Orthopaedics, Patient information
As gyms open up again this weekend, it is important that exercise enthusiasts remain aware of injury prevention strategies to minimise the risk of shoulder injuries.
News, Patient information
At OSD Healthcare, our ethos is clear and our mission simple – put our patients at the heart of everything we do. We are a patient centric organisation and work tirelessly to deliver the best possible health outcomes for every…
From clinicians to crystal ball readers! Covid-19 brought the entire world to a complete halt with dentists everywhere having to put down their hand-pieces but still keep their masks on.
News, Patient information
As the situation with coronavirus (Covid-19) continues to develop we will be ensuring this page is kept up-to-date with advice for patients, visitors, consultants and staff.
Dentistry, Patient information
Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) have rapidly become a fashionable alternative to smoking. This is in large part because people believe they are safe to use. Emerging evidence, however, suggests that this anything but true.
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