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From clinicians to crystal ball readers! Covid-19 brought the entire world to a complete halt with dentists everywhere having to put down their hand-pieces but still keep their masks on.
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As the situation with coronavirus (Covid-19) continues to develop we will be ensuring this page is kept up-to-date with advice for patients, visitors, consultants and staff.
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Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) have rapidly become a fashionable alternative to smoking. This is in large part because people believe they are safe to use. Emerging evidence, however, suggests that this anything but true.
World Cancer Day on the 4th February 2020 is a day that is held internationally to encourage a greater awareness of cancer and how it can be prevented, detected and treated.
Did you know that we offer dental air-polishing as an effective in-surgery cleaning procedure? It is a drill-less method which can be used to remove stains and brighten teeth without using tooth whitening products.
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The AlterG® is an Anti-Gravity Treadmill developed by NASA (NASA - wow, I know!) researchers in the 1990s. It creates an unloading, un-weighted effect so you can return to walking or running faster after surgery or major injury.
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We are all often faced with the difficulty of getting an appointment with a GP, Dentist or Consultant, sometimes having to wait days or even weeks for an available time. The waiting list for Consultant referrals, X-rays, MRI and CT…
Here at OSD Healthcare we strive to improve access to quality care for our patients. This is the main driving force behind the growth of the practice and I truly believe every member of staff has signed up to this…
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