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9th December 2019  •  Read 0 times

Welcome to our dental department

Hello and a warm welcome!

Here at OSD Healthcare we strive to improve access to quality care for our patients. This is the main driving force behind the growth of the practice and I truly believe every member of staff has signed up to this ethos. In the dental department we have different specialists and we all work together as a team to achieve the best results that will not let you down. 

Smiles are one of the most influential tools of mankind. There is strength in our smile, which may be why we put so much effort into making it shine. Our aim here is to give you the best smile possible. 

This time of year, everyone is focused on preparing for the food, festivities and the giving of gifts but I always believe looking after your smile is a gift that will give all year round. 

What do I believe in?

Minimally invasive dentistry. 

As the field of dentistry advances and the use of technology in the field increases, the concepts of minimally invasive dentistry have emerged. Preservation of a healthy set of natural teeth for each patient is our objective. Minimally invasive dentistry is characterised by the following core beliefs: 

  • Regard original tissue as more valuable than its artificial counterpart.  
  • Preserve, rather than replace, original tissue.  
  • Focus on the prevention of disease above its treatment. 
  • When treatment is necessary, use invasive means as little as possible. 
  • Prevention begins with good oral hygiene.  


Prevention begins with good oral hygiene, this is because dental caries (tooth decay) is considered an infectious disease. Early detection of caries and other diseases can prevent the spread of infection and, consequently, further damage to healthy tissue. Infection control can reduce the need of restoration by as much as 50 percent. Focusing on remineralisation of enamel and dentine as a preventive effort in treating caries.


Our team at OSD Healthcare will tell you the goal of minimally invasive dentistry is to preserve as much original tissue as possible. The preservation of original tissue leaves a tooth stronger in structure than one which has been modified through invasive measures.  When a restoration, such as a filling, must be made to a tooth, a greater amount of healthy tooth tissue than actual decayed tissue is often removed. An estimated 50 to 71 percent of the work a dentist completes involves repair or replacement of previous restorations. The use of durable restoration materials decreases the need for later repair or restoration work. 

So, let me be the first to wish you season’s Greetings and remember to brush your teeth after eating that turkey! 

If you would like to discuss the topics discussed in this blog, please feel free to contact our friendly patient services team on 01442 331 900 or fill out our contact form here

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About the author
Dr Julia Panteli


Dr Panteli is a dentist with a special interest in Restorative dentistry who continues to take interest in her professional development by remaining actively involved in developments of new materials and techniques whilst attending conferences and seminars around the world. She completed her aesthetic and restorative dental training at world best institutions including Eastman Dental Institute (MSc) and clinics in Harley Street.

As a cosmetic dentist Dr Panteli has a full understanding of facial anatomy and she also offers her patients a professional service of non-surgical facial aesthetics.


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