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9th December 2019  •  Read 0 times

How to book an appointment

We are all often faced with the difficulty of getting an appointment with a GP, Dentist or Consultant, sometimes having to wait days or even weeks for an available time. The waiting list for Consultant referrals, X-rays, MRI and CT scans can be so frustrating when all you want is a quick diagnosis or some reassurance. 

The great thing about OSD Healthcare is that we are open 7 days a week which makes it so convenient for patients to book a variety of different appointments needed to suit their availability. Same day appointments are often available and we have a very friendly and welcoming team to help, along with a website that provides great information about all the treatments and services offered at OSD Healthcare. 

Booking an appointment is simple, you can call 01442 331 900 to speak to a member of the team, or simply fill in our contact form to book an appointment with one of the team members. 

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