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26th January 2020  •  Read 0 times

Brighten your smile with air-polishing

Did you know that we offer dental air-polishing as an effective in-surgery cleaning procedure? It is a drill-less method which can be used to remove stains and brighten teeth without using tooth whitening products. The air-polisher removes stains using a solution of bi-carbonate of soda, water and compressed air. Just look at this demonstration of how air-polishing cleans a two-pence coin.

The lustre of teeth can be reduced due to consumption in red wine, coffee and other strong foods and drinks, as well as smoking. We offer patients a solution that will make their teeth look and feel fantastically fresh and clean.

A patient’s teeth before air-polishing.
The same patient’s teeth after air-polishing.

The procedure is an added extra to your routine dental hygiene treatment. Call 01442 331 900 today to make an appointment with our dental hygienist for your air-polished smile.

Picture of Sameera Jamal
About the author
Sameera Jamal

Dental Hygienist

Sameera Jamal qualified in 2016 as a Dental Hygiene and Therapist with a First Class Honours from the University of Portsmouth. Since then she has been enhancing her skills and knowledge by attending many courses especially around the topics periodontology (gum health) and teeth whitening. Sameera enjoys providing individually tailored hygiene treatments for her patients by establishing their specific needs whether it’s cosmetic or health related. She ensures her patients understand the importance of gum disease and is a strong believer in preventative dentistry. She therefore spends time with patients educating them and motivating them to achieve good oral hygiene.

Sameera has a vast experience in her field and is very confident at treating gum disease and carrying out cosmetic treatment such as airflow polish and teeth whitening. By using a gentle approach Sameera manages to put anxious patients at ease and ensures they are comfortable during their appointment.

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